OTTO Market API documentation

+++ UNDER CONSTRUCTION - Functionalities go live step by step+++


Sandbox is the test environment, used for testing an API connection. It provides all the functionalities of the live OTTOmarket Interface. All actions and orders there are simulated for testing purposes.

The login session and the API key in the sandbox environment are completely separated from the production environment. You may send us an e-mail to get an API key.

Note: Currently, we cannot provide the endpoints of products and quantities in the sandbox environment.


How-to Test

Follow these steps to start testing on our sandbox environment:

  1. Make yourself familiar with sandbox functionalities.
  2. Request a sandbox API user from our team via e-mail.
  3. Authenticate to our sandbox environment. See DevelopersGuide for further information.
  4. Use our Order generator to create fictional orders. See Technical Advice below to know, which orders are created.
  5. Test the API functionality of your application.

Technical Advice

Please note the following information:


For the endpoint like all the other endpoints a valid authorization token has to be sent. If you need further information, please consult the Developers Guide.

GET-Returns Endpoint

Since there are no real costumers, returns cannot be announced. Hence, the GET endpoint of returns is retrieving an empty string.

Sandbox Reset

To prevent data overload, our sandbox and its orders are resetted monthly at first Sunday from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.\ Any dynamic data (shipments, returns) is deleted. Old shipments will not be available anymore.\ Therefore, you have to create new Orders every month.

Order Generator

To test your API implementation you can generate test orders only on the sandbox environment by sending an empty POST request to the following generation endpoint:

This will run 8 predefined scenarios on our sandbox. After the POST request, you will receive 6 orders in "PROCESSABLE" status with different combinations of positions and items (e.g. standard and freight delivery). You will also receive 1 prepayment orders in "ANNOUNCED" and 1 orders in "CANCELLEDBYMARKETPLACE" status.

The generated orders will contain one or more position items with the following products:

Product Title EAN SKU
Smartphone »CallMe 1000« 1245780164732 SmartCM1000-schwarz-1
Fancy Shirt »Flower« 4851278936452 FancyFlower-m-pi
Rasenmaeher »Turbo V1« 9821393948573 0440-Rasen-T-V1
Spedition Wohnlandschaft 3.tlg. 8263748321943 Sped-Wohn-3-98735
Spedition Kühlschrank »COOL EXTREM« 7263000981290 Sped-Kühl084-kombi


Scenarios Status Comment
1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8 PROCESSABLE Scenario 4 inclusive discount
5 ANNOUNCED Prepayment Order which is announced (Customer has not paid yet)
6 CANCELLEDBYMARKETPLACE Prepayment Order which has been cancelled, because customer didn’t pay

Please use the generated orders to test the interaction with Orders, Shipments and Returns.

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